Small Business IT Services

Running a small business is a lot of work, and many times, the owner, managers, and employees need to wear several hats and take on responsibilities outside of their primary roles. This is common in small and medium-sized businesses, yet sometimes, it can be counterproductive. One of those instances is with technology. Businesses often rely on a network of computers and devices to keep their business running. When a problem arises, it can be very time-consuming for someone who does not have specialized training in this area to figure out what is wrong.

Whether there is an issue with the Wi-Fi, your computers are running slower than normal, or you have another tech-related problem, skip the fruitless troubleshooting and instead turn to the professionals at Hero Custom Computers. We are a computer repair and IT support company that offers commercial services for small and medium-sized businesses and we want to be your partner in keeping your company running.

Our Solutions

Your business most likely relies heavily on technology, and that technology is susceptible to a wide range of issues. Many of the problems you encounter will be common and require fairly straightforward solutions. However, in some instances, you may find yourself with more complex issues. No matter the problem, rest assured that our business IT support team can handle them. We can also assist you with maximizing your technology and taking preventative measures to protect you in the future.

Hero Custom Computers Offers these business solutions:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Business Virus Removal and Prevention
  • Microsoft Windows Management
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • IT Consulting
  • Apple Services
  • Microsoft Windows Implementation
  • IT Help Desk Services
  • Email Communications
  • VOIP Solutions
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Business Service Plans

Not sure what services you need? No problem. Simply call us and we can discuss your business and request unique options for the recommendations that are needed in the company.