Can My Data Actually Be saved


Before you call in the IT professionals, try these easy steps and attempt to recover the accidentally deleted or lost data on your own:

  • Lost Images or Documents: If you were working with an image or document file and accidentally deleted it, simply check your Recycle Bin. The icon for the recycle bin is typically on the desktop and looks like a garbage can. Just click on the icon and you will see a list of deleted items and hopefully your missing file is on the list! Once you find your missing file, click on it and drag it back onto the desktop. Beware – files do not stay in the Recycle Bin forever!
  • Deleted Email: Did you accidentally delete an email? Simply check the Deleted Items folder. This is probably located by your email inbox. You should find the deleted message in this folder and you can just click and drag it back into your inbox.
  • AutoSave: Microsoft has built in a way to protect us from ourselves and unexpected problems. Microsoft products such as Excel and Word have an AutoSave function that can save a copy of what you are working on. For example, if the power goes out while you are working in Excel , you will find a copy of the file you were working on when you are able to turn your computer back on and open Excel again.

I Saved the File, But I Can’t Remember Where: To locate a missing file, you can use Microsoft’s Search function. This is found by clicking on the Start button and typing the file name in the search box. You can also find your most recent files in the program you were working in. For example, if you were using Word you can find the location of the most recent files you accessed by opening the program, clicking on the File tab and then clicking on Recent. This will give you a list of the most recent files used and their location.


If you tried the simple solutions with no luck, then it may be time to take more serious measures. Sometimes, recovering accidentally deleted files can be an operation best left to your technician. IT Professionals use Data Recovery software to examine your computer’s hard drive for the remnants of lost and deleted files. The software program can often find the data and return it to a usable format. Of course, if you are regularly backing up your data, lost and deleted files can be located by your IT support professional accessing your backup, locating the missing information and restoring the files to your computer. However, your backup will only contain the information that was last saved to the backup location, so it is critical that you have a reliable backup solution in place.


Sometimes, even IT professionals can’t work miracles. It’s always possible that an accidentally deleted file can’t be retrieved. Don’t get discouraged yet, there’s still hope. Even IT professionals sometimes need to go to the next level and call in data recovery companies that specialize in these more difficult situations. Computer Troubleshooters’ works with an industry leading forensic data recovery company that is capable of working on devices such as:

  • Internal and External Hard Drives
  • Cell Phones and Tablets
  • Flash/Thumb Drives
  • Notebooks
  • Digital Cameras and MP3 Players


Like the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Be proactive about protecting your data. Don’t wait for an accident or disaster to strike. Commit to a tested and reliable backup system for both your business and personal data. If you need help recovering a deleted file, or more serious data recovery services, or assistance in establishing a reliable backup solution.

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