There are 3 qualities
that distinguish us from Competitors

1. We have vast experience

Hero Custom Computers was founded in May of 2019, Owner and now CEO Chad Anderson has vast experience in computer troubleshooting and repair for the last 15 years of his life. He has helped friends and many family members to support the extensive need for new electronics.

Support and care for your electronics is what we stand by. The consumer and small business clients that need the care and support we supply them is above and beyond the competition. We care about all your items and know that it is important that you get back the devices they first came in as. Our number 1 thing is customer satisfaction. We care about you and what it means to us to get your equipment done the right way the first time.

Support and care is in our blood. Here at Hero Custom Computers we want you to be happy and know that you are getting the best possible support that is needed in todays industry, that is why we do what we can to expand our opportunities to you our client and to help you in the best way possible so you are 100% satisfied.

Introduction From our owner

2. Certified specialists

Without the knowledge and support needed from being certified and professionally trained the client doesn’t get what they need in the computer tech field to get the things done right.

We care about our clients so much that we do everything we can to keep up our certifications at the highest need possible. We know that experience is important but if there is nothing to back that up it is hard to support our customers with satisfaction they deserve. This is the main reason why we are in business is to support our community and grow with the industry.

Certifications grow and expand our opportunities to evolve many different opportunities to help all of our clients needs. Without these certifications we lack the knowledge of many different technology advancements to pursue our clients needs and wants. Don’t hesitate to come to us in time of need because we do what we can to get that training to support your everyday things for your business or personal life.

3. We repair all popular brands

We are proud that we can fix almost any model of a computer or laptop. We do what we can to expand our opportunities to help with the expansion of new equipment.

We know the struggle that it takes to understand the vast amount of devices that are in the world today. With our experience in every day to day electronic models and makes of all different brands, we train our staff to support our clients needs in all these makes and models.

The amount of devices and products in the world today is becoming staggering to many. We here at Hero Custom Computers knows what it takes to learn the new technology advancements for these new and extensive electronics. We know that it takes time to figure out so we make it so you don’t have the hassle.

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