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Supported Operating Systems

The Backup Manager handles individual files and directories as well as complex systems, such as:

• Microsoft SQL Server®   • VMware®

• Microsoft Hyper-V®      • Microsoft Exchange       

• Oracle®                 • MySQL®

Data Sources for Backup

In addition, you can back up and recover the configuration of your operating system (the “System State” data source) and Office 365. The N-central integrated version also supports Office 365 data protection.Please view data sources documentation for system compatibility details

Additional Features
  • Multilingual support. You can use the Backup Manager in any of these seven languages: English, Dutch, Russian, German, Spanish, French, or Portuguese.

  • Remote management. You can send remote commands to the Backup Managers on your end users’ devices.

  • Proxy connections. The Backup Manager can work from behind a proxy server.

  • Email reports. Receive email updates on status or recent backup and recovery sessions. This can be done by an end user in the Backup Manager or remotely by a service provider or a system administrator.

  • Bandwidth usage control. Help ensure your bandwidth usage never exceeds a specified limit. Help ensure your bandwidth usage never exceeds a specified limit

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