Computer/Laptop Repair

We help your system with slowdowns and issues like blue screens!  We check to see what is slowing down your computer and eliminate unnecessary startup programs to make sure your computer is running properly. We also check to make sure your programs like Windows is up to date and working efficient.

Apple/MAC Repair

Apple computers, and laptops can be a large investment and we know the irritation when they don't want to work properly. We will help you with the issues that these machines have while maintaing speeds, removing junk files, and making sure OSx is up to date.

Phone/Tablet Repair

Droping your phone in water or on the ground can be an irritating situation when you made that large investment. HCC techs have high attention to detail in small parts repair, this is one of our specilites. We help get your phone back to health with low cost options, while testing your device before it leaves our store.

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Labor day Sale for 1 hour free remote Diagnostics.

Backup & Restore

When things fail to work on your machine, this is a great option to get your files back so you don't stress. Our techs work hard in maintaining your equipment so these issues don't arise. Backup and restore is a big part of everyday businessthat is why we support your needs.

Game Console Repair

We are the only company in a 40 mile radius that supports game console repair. When game systems fail, they normally want you to send it back. This is a hassle and tend to be expensive to ship those devices. We do professional repair and fix anything from RROD to BLOD and don't void warrenty.

Virus/Malware removal

Viruses can be very annoying to deal with and we at HCC know how hard these push to kill your system. We support Virus, Malware, Trojan, adware, and Ransomware attacks and will remove them at a low cost option so you can stop getting those pesky popups. 

Custom Gaming Builds

Need a custom machine built? We build all different types from Office machines to servers. We have insane attention to detail and great cost options with 1 FREE year of support with any machine over $450.


SOHO Networking

We support different ways of helping our customers, Routing is one of the smaller options we provide with low cost on SOHO networking systems, from small client servers, to NAS storage options. We help you maintain your network.

Remote Desktop Option

If you don't have time to get away from your office or location we have low cost options for you. We supply free download for remote desktop to help you get your machines up and running so you don't have to leave your office. 

Cloud Backup

Backup solutions that support all your needs for storage. This helps with keeping track of files and pictures so you don't have to stress about loosing any of those pictures or files. Click Here for more info.