About us

Here at HCC, Our purpose is to support you and build our community. New technology has expanded very large in the last ten years, this is why we keep up to date on on training and certifications for our customers needs. We know how expensinve things get and that is why we support our low cost option for our clients to keep them satisfied for years to come.

Our vision


Here at Hero Custom Computers our Vision is to be the best computer repair shop at the lowest cost while providing the highest customer satisfaction and keeping our attention to detail a consistant movement for the community in years to come.

Our mission


Hero Custom computers brings innovation and imagination to the community by giving them confidence in choosing the highest quality at the lowest cost on repair and maintinence.

Our philosophy


Our philosophy is putting our clients first and going above and beyond more then the normal scope while making our customers not only happy but having a long term success in building their satisfaction with Hero Custom Computers.

What We Do?