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Who we are


We are a computer repair company based in the Burley ID area. We serve clients with a high knowledge base of computer troubleshooting and repair. We support small to large clients from residential to small businesses. Here at Hero Custom Computers we support and troubleshoot computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and all different electronics including TV's, Custom Gaming machines as well as other services upon customer requests. We kow you will like how we do business. Nothing to small or big to fix for you needs as a customer.

Our services

Phone/Tablet Repair

Remove of old broken screen/lcd and replace with new screen. 100's of different makes and models repaired

Computer Repair

Maintain and remove issues causing slow machines, BSOD's and issues with logging into machine

Printer Maintinence/Repair

Repair most parts on printers while making sure they are working correctly and efficiently

Game Console Repair

Repair BLOD/RROD, and others from old nintedo machines to newest and greatest PS4 and XBOX 1

Hard drive Recovery and Restore

Recover data lost due to virus attacks, OS crashes, OS reinstallations, and partion losses

Virus, Malware Removal

Find and remove viruses, malware, spyware, trogans, and ransomware from infected machines

Top Reasons Why Choose Us!

Professional work


We always perform at a level of high professionalism with a personal preference of work performance. Our customers our happy about our low cost and high professional work. We know you will like how we do business.



Quality is what we care about when we work on your equipment. Our technicians have insane attention to detail with exceptional repair quality standards, we show you, as our customers that we care about their business and level of quality that you need.


Here at HCC we love to help no matter what the problem is. From fixing a computer that had a blue screen to adding a new file to a laptop the customer needs. Our mindset is to help and that is what makes the customer happy. We provide exceptional service with the helping hand in mind so you know you are being taking care of.

Hero computers is Amazing! My 1 year old HP laptop suddenly stopped charging. He was able to replace the battery. When it still wasn't holding a charge, he took it back and didn't charge me for labor to look at it a second time and only charged for the product to fix the port. I was really impressed with his customer service and pricing. He is trustworthy and cares about his customers, and that is really hard to find anymore.

They fixed my charging port on my phone and fixed my husband computer. Hero custom is working with me on a payment plan. Their prices are really reasonable! Awesome customer service and very knowledgeable.

I highly recommend hero custom computers. Theyr'e staff is friendly and very knowledgeable with anything tech wise. The mobile home service is great for people that cant get to where he is at. Prices are also reasonable and will work with you if you need it.

What our Customers say about us!

Offsite Backup Services

Setup your own backup service to support all your local backup needs on the cloud, Click here to find out more!